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24 10 2009

For the last few years, I’ve debated making the leap into the wonderful world of Hasselblad, where Victor created the iconic 500 series 6×6 camera. I have never really been able to justify the expense… until now.

I’ve owned a Bronica SQ for a number of years and it has served me well. With the availability of Digital backs becoming more frequent and most of all – more obtainable, Medium Format Digital seems like the logical next step. Adapter plates are available for the SQ to convert its Film back mount to that of the Hasselblad V system – allowing for nearly any Digital Back to be used. Originally, this seemed like the way to go; however, after looking into the Hasselbad systems… they are the only real choice. No settling for Zenza lenses and adapter plates… the Zeiss and Planar Glass is flawless, the true Hasselblad sensors have 2x the area of a 35mm sensor and gamut, range and colour tones that only a significant amount of Photoshopping could get you on any other system. There is a reason they have been the most sought after camera for 100years.

I’ve been shooting with my main focus in the Corporate world for almost 4 years. I am hoping to make a change soon. I have decided to push my efforts back to where I am most comfortable and have the most fun. Studio/Lifestyle.

I haven’t shot lifestyle or Commercial nearly as much as i should have over the last few years, but I’m going to take that leap, bungeed to a Hasselblad 500series. I’m picking up the 500C tomorrow and will hopefully have my hands on the new 503CWD or 503CFV next week to demo. If everything begins to pan out – the focus of my Photography will shift significantly.

Hasselblad 503 CWD




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