30 10 2009

Looks like this thing is golden! No image variations or imperfections from the T* coating blemish. The couple photos I did get developed were stellar quality (I lost about 6 exposures to “Play time” in someone else’s hands…haha).

I managed to stumble across a 150mm Sonnar Chrome F4 at the Camera Store today. Much like firearms in the US, I try to give myself a Cooling Period before making a purchase. I’ve got the lens hidden away on hold for now to see if I really wnat it, or if I can find one priced alittle better somewhere else. The lens was in great shape, and in all reality after looking tonight for alittle bit – i’ve only reassured my Hasselblad addiction. I will be picking up the lens tomorrow when I pick up the 300mmm 2.8 for my Nikon. Ya… I know, 300 2.8? but I have to shoot some hockey tomorrow night for a client and we all know that I sure as hell don’t own any long glass anymore. I sold my 400mm earlier in the summer as I don’t think I had even mounted it to a body in over a year.

I’m selling my Bronica SQ 6×6 full kit with an extra 120 back if anyone is interested, just leave a comment. I’ll get back to you.

I also – as a joke – took a ‘self held’ with the 500c in banff… it really was just that – a joke – thinking i could guesstimate hte focal distance and still shoot at 2.8.

I’ve attached it below for your amusement.


More to come as i spend my life savings, and then some to get into the Med.Format Diggie world!



no self helds with the blad!




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