Love, Rum and Edward H.

6 11 2009

Went out to a Range Rd and Farmer’s field tonight to get some Lifestyle portrait work for the ol’ Edward H. from Love & Rum. We were just finishing the Setup for all the lighting and my Pocket wizard’s Sync cord crapped out. Totally sucked. I used the D300’s pop-up flash to trigger the slave feature of the SB-80DX’s and it worked great. Camera on the tripod with my free hand cupped over the flash so that it wouldn’t hit the subject, just hit hte optical slaves on the flashes… totally ghetto, but it got the job done. This is just the first edit, I left my Tablet at the studio, so i’ll edit the rest tomrrow. I just wanted to get at least one up tonight.

Edward H.

Edward H - web




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