Springbank Executive Hangars…

16 11 2009

Here are a couple pics from this weekend’s shoot out at Springbank Regional Airport. This shoot took a different direction after the two Jets we were shooting both became “unavailable” to shoot.

The first Jet owner came into town a day early and decided he was going to leave prior to us even setting up. Absolutely brutal, we got 5 minutes with the jet, while he loaded his gear, and that was it. No lights, no flashes, just basic camera use. I’ve processed the crap out of the image in the hope to make it mildly acceptable for marketing use. Had a meeting with the Client and he’s asked us to process a few more just like it. Glad it ended up working out a little on the first jet.

The second Jet wasn’t even at the airport. This owner decided to leave town previous to our arrival and just not inform the organizer of the project. It seems lately i’ve always had a little bit of a challenge at each shoot, but have still been able to walk away with some usable images.

Anyway… here is the first of the images, there will be more to come in the next day or so as I get thru the processing…

Jet - Web

On the Taxiway...


The Aerobatic classic




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