Canada Olympic Park Ad Campaign…

9 01 2010

Tomorrow is a full day of shooting at C.O.P. here in Calgary. 8am start and probably a 6pm finish. We’ll be doing some unusual snowboard photography on location. On a typical shoot like this I’d have just my basic gear: Couple bodies, few lenses and a couple flashes. We’d do some off camera flash, mounting them to stands for some good background separation.

Tomorrow is a whole different ballgame. I’ll be packing up my studio gear (lights, stands, modifiers, etc), Generator, reflectors… etc etc. We’ll have to make two trips with the sleds in the morning just to get it all up to the jumps before the hill opened. Most people will say that a few flashes on stands is more than enough for something like this, but you’ll never know unless you play with different set ups. COP was happy to oblige our crazy request for a generator, sled rides, full use of a jump and studio lighting set up in the middle of their park.

The staple photos will still be taken throughout the day for a “Fallback” if the Speedotron 2405cx pack doesn’t give us the result we are looking for. I’m really expecting a huge step in the images tomorrow based on the proposed lighting set up. The Speeds do have the Watt Seconds and Short Flash duration required for a high speed outdoor activity like this, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

This will be just the first test in a line of alternative lighting for sports photography. I have a couple more projects in the works and will keep updating as I get further along with them… but for now, they’re being kept low-key.

Images from tomorrow will follow in the next couple days…





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