Freelance for fun.

15 01 2010

I’m currently shooting an assignment a week as a project for the next 2 months.

By the end of the 8 weeks, I hope to have a number of images that will be suitable for stock agencies.

Last week’s assignment was “The Colour Blue”. Shoot all things blue, including the emotion if you see a suitable situation. Of the photos you shoot throughout the week. Pick the top 6. I will post my top 6 here every week and link them from Twitter. I encourage you to do the same. I’ve created a Flickr Group “Freelance for Fun” for anyone to post their photos on.

I think you’ll find that within a few short weeks, you’ll be looking at things differently through the camera and always “seeing through the lens” even when you’re camera is at your side.

This will be a great little exercise and I think you’ll really get into it after the first week or so.

Get on that colour Blue! you have until Sunday night. I’ll Post the next Challenge that night for the Following week…

Here are my 6 from this week.

I look forward to seeing some contributions!





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