Elbow Falls and the Ice Queen.

21 02 2010

It’s been almost a month since my last post. We’ve been pretty busy with a couple mid winter projects. This past Wednesday I took a team of five out to Elbow falls for a mid-winter shoot. I had been planning this shoot for the last couple weeks with Petra Berntsson (MUA). We had decided to go a certain way with this shoot initially. When it came time to pick up the dress… we hit our first snag. The dress that I had seen and put aside in the morning, had in fact, sold prior to us getting back to the store. This was a little lesson in why one shouldn’t wait until the “week of” to pick up all the goodies. In searching for a suitable replacement dress, Petra came across a really elegant Black evening gown. This was not how we wanted to go, but with both of us in the store, bouncing ideas, we made a last minute change (sometimes it’s really nice to have this kind of freedom when there’s no AD assigned to the shoot). This would be a darker, more sinister Ice Queen shoot than we had initially planned. Having lived in Calgary for the last few years, you tend to not rely on the weather forecasts, but that week’s had looked promising. We were looking at a +2deg C. day and sun. Getting to bed the night before was stress free and easy. Waking up on the other hand, was less than stress free. Looking out the window as I got up led to a shocker – 6 inches of fresh snow. I immediately started sending texts and making calls to the team. We decided that there was a chance it would clear up, so we’d make the trip out to the falls.

Make up and last minute gear prep took the better part of the morning. We headed out from the house for a noon-ish arrival at the Falls. The weather seemed alright as far as the temperature was concerned, however the sky was a very ominous winter gray. This also added a dynamic to our photos in the end (although I would have liked to shot under that Alberta blue sky for this one). We hiked in with just the basics for the first location in the shoot. Couple camera bags filled with bodies, lenses and 5 speedlights. We would save all the studio lighting for the shoots closer to the cars.

I’m in the process of editing the photos right now, but here’s a little teaser pic from the 1st Location using 2 SB-80DXs (ya, i’m old school… sue me.)

I’ll be working on them over the next couple days and get a few more posted as they come along, as well as some more stories from the shoot (like Peter, throwing himself to the wolves by testing if it was ice or rocks cropping out over the falls (for the model’s safety) as it was a fresh blanket of snow and we couldn’t really tell where one ended, and the other started. Ilona (the model) was amazing during the whole shoot.

I’m only about halfway through editing this one, but it’s at least a start.


Here’s a second photo from the shoot. I wanted to do some tighter headshots while I was out there, as Petra did an amazing job on the makeup. I had asked ilona for some serious and nasty looks in some of them, as I liked the idea of an “evil” Ice Queen. I saw the way a couple if the photos looked in the camera and thought… huh, I bet I can make some of those Twilighty style photos with a few of these. So Twilight type processing they got.

Here’s the First. “Ilona the Vampire”




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22 02 2010
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