Phase One at “The Mill” Pt. Deux

4 04 2010

It’s been a couple weeks now, and it seems that i finally got around to processing a few more frames from this shoot. I’ve had a number of projects since this day and I can definitely say that I miss the Phase system. Although the workflow was a little slower than normal, it was no worse than shooting with my Hasselblad 500C (which I still do, quite often). The larger files and slower frame rate help to keep you in check. You can’t “Spray and Pray” hoping that one of the 15 frames you burst every 2 seconds will turn out. It also allowed us to use the Speedotron Power Pack on it’s full power. The Phase and the Lights seemed to recycle around the same time. So there were fewer “suprise you’re 2/3s of a stop under cause your lights didn’t get back to full, Mr. Quick on the Trigger.”

Now some of you may say, “well ya, but in RAW it doesn’t matter, I can fix it in Photoshop/Lightroom.”

I can’t live by the shoot it now fix it later code. I am/was a film guy… I had to learn this stuff from the get-go, or I would have been wasting my money blowing through rolls and rolls of film with sloppy exposures. Now I definitely use Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop and an assortment of the Kubota, Nik, Totally Rad, etc Tools, but they are just that – a finishing tool. These programs are to aid in Workflow Efficiency, not to fix mistakes that could have been avoided on set/on location with an extra couple seconds through the prism, or at the lighting controls. Anyway, I didn’t mean to turn this in to a “holier than thou” paragraph for those Photoshoptographers

All I was really trying to get at, was that I did in fact enjoy a slightly slower work pace.

The P45+ definitely isn’t in my budget at close to $40k, but the Leaf Aptus 5 and Hasselblad H3DII-31 are a little closer. The next test will be that of the H series… for a direct compare.

Hope you enjoy these other couple pics from The Mill session.

Photographer: Ryan HK

Assistant: Peter Olson

Make Up: Petra Berntsson

Model: Amber Marple

Location: ADM Milling – Calgary, AB




One response

8 08 2010
Jo Marple

Great Photos.
I Have a beautiful daughter!
Amber’s Mom
Jo Marple

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