Rural Alberta…

18 04 2010

Sometime when I’m out scouting for locations, I end up with nothing left in my gas tank, and nothing on the table for ideas or locations. This last trip out east of Calgary into the rural sector left me with one usable location, or so I thought. Upon a re-visit to the location, it just didn’t suit what i needed.

Throughout the drive I pulled over to pop a couple frames here and there looking for a good landscape for a future shoot. I was surprised to find when I got back that one of the locations, was pretty sweet with a little processing.

Here’s a sample of the location off 114th Ave east of 84th St. (maybe 30min from the City centre).

I’m going to head back there for a shoot later this summer, but i’m not sure the dynamic will remain in the shot next time without the Storm on the horizon.

Anyway… what I thought was a bit of a bust as far a location scouting went, turned out to be alright. I managed to get a couple files that will hopefully make some nice Rural Art Prints.





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