The 27th Annual Presidential

27 06 2010

This was a great show earlier today. 135 Ford vehicles in attendance. We offered a photo service as the cars were being tec’d to come into the show. It was a $20 donation to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter for picture of your vehicle. I had hoped that we’d get 1/3 to 1/2 of hte cars to participate, but I think too many people have had negative experiences with the “Car Show Photographers.” We ended up shooting 21 cars – which still got us a reasonable donation to the CWES. Here’s a slideshow of the cars…

Available light and 1 reflector only.

Nikon D3, 85mm 1.8 w/ NDx8.

Thanks to Gary and Tim for taking turns being my voice activated reflector stands…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




One response

3 07 2010
Gettin’ busy, but still gettin’ it done. | 79 KZ1000 ST Chopper Project

[…] the tanks with me to the annual Presidential Show & Shine last Saturday to see if I could persuade a friend to toss them in his Bead Blaster and save me […]

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