The 27th Annual Presidential

27 06 2010

This was a great show earlier today. 135 Ford vehicles in attendance. We offered a photo service as the cars were being tec’d to come into the show. It was a $20 donation to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter for picture of your vehicle. I had hoped that we’d get 1/3 to 1/2 of hte cars to participate, but I think too many people have had negative experiences with the “Car Show Photographers.” We ended up shooting 21 cars – which still got us a reasonable donation to the CWES. Here’s a slideshow of the cars…

Available light and 1 reflector only.

Nikon D3, 85mm 1.8 w/ NDx8.

Thanks to Gary and Tim for taking turns being my voice activated reflector stands…

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Dear Weather… I win.

18 06 2010

Well, it’s June 17th and has rained for 13 of the 17 days of this month so far… I got a little frustrated this past week with being unable to shoot any on location creatives during the week and my weekend’s have been filled with the commercial work from “The Calendar Project” and wedding high season.

Tonight Angela and I braved the crappy weather to shoot for about 45 minutes down in Ogden. Here is the Series/Collection from tonight’s shoot…

Had some “over processing fun” with a couple, but also shot for some old school contrasty B&Ws on a couple others (as requested by a friend who said she’d like to see some more photos like my old film days… so here you go.)



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The Calendar Project: Day II

14 06 2010

Well, the weather held and we had another phenomenal morning and evening to shoot a few more cars for The Calendar Project. 27deg Celsius and not a cloud in the sky, made for some great dramatic light and solid accent lighting once I got the power packs out for a run on the new 3500W generator. All in all, a good day (although the tops of my feet will not agree with that statement having been in flip flops all day).

Here are a couple more pics from today’s shoot… Enjoy!

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The Calendar Project…

10 06 2010

Two years ago I offered up my services to the Alberta Mustang Auto Club to shoot a calendar of some members cars. After a couple weeks of location scouting in the Rockies I found the locations I wanted to utilize for the images… We took two full days and cruised into the mountains, for adventure and shooting. It was a great experience and the support we got from  members who didn’t even enter their cars was amazing. The project was created to raise money for The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter… and raise money we did. We managed to sell out of over 200 calendars at $20ea as well as collect $100 from each member for the shoot (14 members total).

Last year, the calendar project was put on hold. The recession hit many people pretty hard, and having photos of their cars were not a priority… The overall donations to the shelter also decreased last year as well due to the recession. I wanted to change that.

This year would be different… This year I would do my best to market, push and shoot for this project. We shot our first session last Sunday. This year holds a more “Industrial” feel to the photos. We wanted something new and something contrasty to all these fabulous cars.

The support has returned and I think we actually have more car owners interested than calendar pages this year. We will make it work, we will make sure that the CWES gets all the donation they can from this project.

This year we are shooting stills for the standard fee and then adding a new element thanks to the HD DSLR Revolution… We offer a short “Spec” Commercial for the car owners. This little add-on allows even more money to be raised for the Shelter.

Thanks to everyone so far for your support. We have a couple more days of shooting and are really excited to see this one through. Here are a couple samples from last weekend’s shoot.


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Fight for the Kids…

26 05 2010

About a month ago I volunteered my services to shoot a charity event. Several amateur and a couple Pro boxing matches were to be held along with an amazing dinner to raise money for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters foundation.

This event was top notch. There was a silent auction, entertainment and the boxing was scheduled during dinner. Nothing like a little bit of steak, potatoes and awesome fights.

There were some amazing KO’s and I just missed getting covered in blood spatter from one of them. Quite the experience for me.

Enjoy the photos!

Kelly & Darryl – An Engagement Session

25 05 2010

This past Sunday I was able to meet up with Kelly and Darryl for their engagement session. I had the perfect location in mind to contrast our plans for their wedding day photo session… A nice decrepit old homestead home, south east of Calgary. I think the drive was well worth it for the images we captured. These two are great together, and great to work with… Here are a couple selects from the session…

Rural Alberta…

18 04 2010

Sometime when I’m out scouting for locations, I end up with nothing left in my gas tank, and nothing on the table for ideas or locations. This last trip out east of Calgary into the rural sector left me with one usable location, or so I thought. Upon a re-visit to the location, it just didn’t suit what i needed.

Throughout the drive I pulled over to pop a couple frames here and there looking for a good landscape for a future shoot. I was surprised to find when I got back that one of the locations, was pretty sweet with a little processing.

Here’s a sample of the location off 114th Ave east of 84th St. (maybe 30min from the City centre).

I’m going to head back there for a shoot later this summer, but i’m not sure the dynamic will remain in the shot next time without the Storm on the horizon.

Anyway… what I thought was a bit of a bust as far a location scouting went, turned out to be alright. I managed to get a couple files that will hopefully make some nice Rural Art Prints.